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About International Demographics, Inc.

International Demographics, Inc. was founded in April 1971 as a Texas corporation. It is fully owned and operated by its founders and current employees. The company's mission, starting with its inception, has been and continues to be the development of syndicated research studies for the marketing, communications, and media industries.


In developing these surveys of primary research data, the company's objectives are:

  • To employ a research methodology that assures each subscriber a reliable data base in a format that is easy to understand and use.
  • To incorporate an open architecture attitude in making report data bases available to all third-party electronic delivery companies that are interested in having access to International Demographic's syndicated reports via The Media Audit.
  • To maintain an attitude of openness that guarantees full disclosure of all information that has any bearing on the reliability of the report.
  • To stress the importance of client service as an integral part of the product, equally as important as the physical report.

The company's primary product is a syndicated local-market, qualitative-audience survey currently conducted in over 80 markets and leased as
The Media Audit in annual subscriptions to individual members of the communications industry. Clients include radio stations, television broadcasters, cable television operators, online/internet service providers, daily newspapers, weekly and monthly local-market print publications, outdoor media, advertising agencies, and advertisers.

Feel free to contact us with questions. We're only a call away. 800.324.9921.