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Success Stories


"I just want to let you know that the Annual Consumer Buying Power has saved our year. What was looking very dim after 14 years of consecutive growth, ACBP converted a decline in our business trend and brought in new business allowing us to maintain our sales growth and make our year. We landed our first pro team, a college business school returned after a 2 year hiatus, two CPA firms, one law firm, two cultural organizations and one hospital, all within the last 6 weeks."

Michael Peyton
WLRN Public Radio and Television


Consumer Buying Power

The Annual Consumer Buying Power Report is a powerful new research tool from The Media Audit that integrates the richness of
local market socioeconomic and media data with information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, providing an impactful and robust marketing tool.

The information includes hundreds of specific goods and services not measured in The Media Audit standard surveys. From pet care to home repair to consumer household products, the extensive list of categories will help media exploit opportunities for developing new business relationships and ultimately sell more advertising.

To help you convert these insights into new business opportunities, The Media Audit's Annual Consumer Buying Power offers easy access to the following information:

  • The number of local consumers consuming specific goods and services
  • Average dollar amount per year spent on these specific goods and services
  • Total dollar amount spent on these specific goods and services for the general market and for all local media audiences



Highlights of Annual Consumer Buying Power

  • Turn ratings into buying power. Compare the average and total amount spent per year on hundreds of consumer categories for all local media audiences
  • Expand your business potential through exploiting new revenue streams and new marketing opportunities
  • Develop a competitive advantage by using "buying power" to determine a media's potential strength for delivering a higher return on investment


Prescription Drugs
College Tuition
Automotive Repair
Auto Insurance
Personal Hygiene
Jewelry & Accessories
Pet Services
Child Care
Home Utilities
Vacation Homes
Alcoholic Beverages
Household Appliances
Elderly Care
Physician Services
Moving & Storage
Power Tools
Hand Tools
Home Repair
Phone Cards
Cellular Services
TV Repair
Computer Services
Video Games
Charitable Contributions
Political Contributions
Household Products
Cleaning Products
Lawn & Garden Supplies
Catered Affairs
...and more

For a complete listing of what's in The Media Audit's Annual Consumer Buying Power, contact us at 800.324.9921. Or, download our brochure.