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Success Stories


"Advance Digital is proud to have seven of the top ten newspaper websites in America, based on market penetration. For over ten years, The Media Audit has been an integral part of Advance Digital's sales and management efforts. Our sales teams aggressively use The Media Audit to communicate the strength of the Internet for a retailer and then to position how our websites are complementary to what the advertiser is doing with the traditional media. With helpline staff like Carolyn Cooling, The Media Audit understands it is much more than a research company. It is critically important to work with us so we can get the most out of its research. Credible research, supported with strong client service means a solid ROI for us, at Advance."

Bates Belk
Advance Digital Inc.


Local Internet Reports

As the Internet continues to grow and evolve, it is more critical than ever to understand the medium as it relates to traditional marketing channels. By providing our clients with the most up-to-date intelligence on local website visitors, we help shed light on the significant role that websites can play in the implemention of a successful multiplatform marketing program.

The Media Audit local market Internet Reports offer detailed information on local media website usage, helping advertisers recognize the growing value of local media websites as a component of the overall media mix.

This separate report provides qualitative ratings and audience profiles for local media websites, and includes e-commerce activity and visits to local classified websites.The Media Audit's powerful Ad Campaign Planner and Combo Builder tools enable media and advertisers to determine how much additional reach a local website adds to the overall reach of a campaign and how much duplication exists between the two marketing channels.


Highlights of Local Internet Reports

  • Profile and rank local websites on any qualitative or demographic target
  • Compare the demographic profile of a traditional media's audience to that of a media's online audience
  • Show the net increase that a website adds to a media or media combination's total reach
  • Understand the changing local online environment as it relates to mobile internet usage, connection speed, at home and at work usage, and time spent online in a typical day for different consumer groups
  • Determine what percent of the total media day the Internet represents for different consumer groups

Internet Stats

According to a recent survey conducted in Washington, D.C., the average adult spends more time online surfing the Internet and checking email than with newspaper, radio, TV, or outdoor billboards in a typical day. As a result, the Internet represents 34% of the typical "media day" for Washington, D.C. adults.

Heavy Internet Users have more Buying Clout:

Among Washington, D.C.'s heaviest Internet users, they earn nearly $13,000 more in household income compared to the average adult.

Average income: $102,821(household)

Heavy Internet users in Washington, D.C...

are 52% more likely to be purchasing a vehicle over $30,000 in the next 12 months, 33% more likely to be frequent full service restaurant diners, and 32% more likely to have have liquid assets of over $250,000

Website adds Reach

In Washington, D.C., a cosmetic surgery advertiser can extend the reach of a local TV ad campaign by more than 6,000 prospective customers when is added to a local buy consisting of morning and early evening newscasts of WJLA-TV.