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Welcome to the Customer Support page. The links below lists some of our most requested information. If you don’t see what you need, just let us know.

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One of the reasons many subscribers prefer The Media Audit is due to its ease-of-use, and its charts & graphs capabilities. The Windows-based presentation-ready software provides more than two dozen different analytic reports that can be easily created and enhanced with graphics, text, and logos for a customized look.

Clients also like the ability to snip and paste graphics into PowerPoint, export data into Excel spreadsheets, and the ability to create PDF reports in a one-sheet format. By providing an intuitive and user-friendly interface, marketers are able to spend more time in front of their clients and less time digging through the data.

For an overview of how to create customized presentations, please scroll down the page to:

  • How to Videos: Step-by-step videos with instructions walking you through how to create various reports in the software
  • Complete Software Guide: Step-by-step written instructions for each report, and explanations of the data
  • Sample Presentations: Examples of sales presentations actually created by our AEs and researchers that are subscribers. Use the examples to get the creative wheels turning!



Windows users will either use a Citrix account to access survey data, or download the software directly on to their computer. Currently, Mac users must use Citrix. Instructions for Citrix are below, as well as a copy of the software for Windows local installs. Call the helpline if you need help with a local install at 832.521.1000 and we will walk you through the process.

for TSplus Online Access

Easy to follow click-by-click guide to installing our NEW TSplus online app.
This option is required for Mac users.

Desktop Version for PC Users

Software Downloads

The desktop version of The Media Audit for PC users.

Click here to install.

How To Videos

Ad Campaign Planner Reports made Easy

Ad Campaign Planner Tutorial

Ad Campaign Planner Tutorial Continued

Age Demo Analysis Report Tutorial

Age Demo Analysis Reports Made Easy

Annual Consumer Buying Power Reports

Buying Power Reports Tutorial

Choosing Specific Media for your Ad Campaign

Combo Builder Reports Made Easy

Combo Builder Reports Made Easy Continued

Combo Builder Tutorial

Composite Average Report Tutorial

Composite Average Reports Made Easy

Creating a Winning Presentation

Creating Talking Points for Cold Calling

CrossTab Reports Made Easy

Crosstab Tutorial

Duplicate Reach Analysis Reports Made Easy

Duplicate Reach Continued

Filling the Sales Pipeline

Fine Tuning your Analysis with Bases or Averaging

First Trip to Advertiser

Gauging the Consumer Health of your Market

Graphs Made Easy

How does Your Media Stack up In Your Local Market

How to Create a Combo Builder Report

How to Create a Composition Report

In Depth Target Analysis using Crosstab

Know the Media Types for your Clients Target Audience

Mapping it Out

Media Day Analysis Reports Made Easy

Media Day Analysis Tutorial

Media Profile Report Tutorial

Media Profile Reports Made Easy

Multiple Media Single Target Index Report Tutorial

Multiple Media Single Target Index Reports Made Easy

Multiple Target Single Media Index Report Tutorial

Multiple Target Single Media Reports Made Easy

National Report Tutorial

Position Finder Reports Made Easy

Position Finder Tutorial

Quick Profile Report Tutorial

Quick Profile Reports Made Easy

Ranker Report Tutorial

Ranker Reports made Easy

Selling Value of Your Media with Media Day Analysis Reports

Special Reports Tutorial

Special Reports Made Easy

Private video

The Benefit to using Qualitative Data

Toolbar Made Easy


Trending Report Tutorial

Trending Reports made Easy

Using Spending Data to Grow Business

Whats in a Conversion Ratio?

Whats in an Index?

Working with Graphs Tutorial

Your First Appointment

Complete Software Guide

Clients of The Media Audit can download the most current copy of the software “how-to” guide here. The report is in a PDF format. If you wish to have a printed software guide mailed to you instead, please contact our Helpline and we will be happy to mail you a copy.

Download Handbook

Download a specific section of the Software Manual below:

Quick Reference Sheets

Individual Report Instructions

Sample Presentations

Need some ideas, but not sure where to start? Check out these sample reports and presentations that we’ve pulled. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Need Help? Call Us!

Our friendly support staff is available by calling 832-521-1000,
or by emailing

Helpline Hours:

8:30AM – 9:00PM Eastern
7:30AM – 8:00PM Central
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